Advertising the Whitsunday Terraces Resort

Advertising the Whitsunday Terraces Resort around Airlie Beach seemed rather limited to me as at 2010. This surprised me given there was an advertising charge made by the then Resort Management to owners with a letting agreement. I expected local advertising would help occupancy rates for a resort. However advertising decisions are made by the Resort Management, not the Body Corporate. With new Resort Managers in late 2011, patterns of advertising may change again.

It may well be that internet advertising is now all that counts. You can make online accommodation bookings to stay at Whitsunday Terraces Resort at the official web site at any time, day or night.

Booking Accommodation at Whitsunday Terraces

This web site is intended for Body Corporate owners of apartments in Whitsunday Terraces, not for potential guests. Make room bookings for accommodation at Whitsunday Terraces Resort, Airlie Beach, overlooking the Coral Sea, at the Resort Manager's web site.

Advertising Signage Around Airlie Beach

The advertising sign above the former entrance to the Whitsunday Terraces from 400 Shute Harbour Road, via the Whitsunday Professional Centre parking lot, says to drive to Reception via Harper Street. However Harper Street was renamed Waterson Way some years ago. Visitors are hardly likely to know this. This sign needs to be updated.

There was once a large illuminated advertising sign on top of the intersection of Golden Orchid Drive (location of Whitsunday Terraces resort) and Waterson Way. This sign seems to have disappeared around 2010. Personally I thought it a good location for advertising.

Missing image advertising on street

Local Phone Book Advertising

The most popular phone book in the Whitsunday Island area is produced by the local Rotary Club. The Whitsunday Terraces do not appear in this freely circulated phone book. Instead they appear in the Mackay phone book. I do not understand this Resort Management decision from 2010.

Local Newspaper Advertising

The Terraces Bar and Restaurant (an independent operation to the resort) have consistently advertised each week in the Whitsunday Times, the local newspaper, for many years, until 2013. As far as I can see, this was the only local newspaper advertising that mentioned the Whitsunday Terraces.