Anchor Terrace Balustrades below Parking Level

Replacement of wooden balustrades with long life powder coated aluminium balustrades was completed in 2012.

Booking Accommodation at Whitsunday Terraces

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Completion of Balustrade

There was a rush in 2010 to replace certain balustrades under buildings, on the basis that they were faulty and about to fail in a catastrophic manner. Body Corporate committee did not make a visit to inspect the problem (nor would they normally). It has long been known that all Whitsunday Terraces balustrades were being gradually replaced, starting with seaward side balcony rails on all Terraces, and then weather exposed balustrades above the parking levels on all Terraces.

Balustrades were installed along the steps of Anchor Terrace in 2010 or early 2011. All balustrades were completed by 2012.