Whitsunday Terraces Gutter Cleaning

Some gutters at the Whitsunday Terraces are prone to clogging with vegetation, especially during windy weather. It can be hard to see into gutters on the seaward side of the building, even from higher rooms.

Cleaning of gutters should be on the maintenance schedule. Basically by the time you notice vegetation, the gutter is already blocked. Gutters are basically a continuing problem, partly due to occupational health and safety issues making access difficult. My gut feeling is that adding gutters was a mistake and they should mostly be removed.

Booking Accommodation at Whitsunday Terraces

This web site is intended for Body Corporate owners of apartments in Whitsunday Terraces, not for potential guests. Make room bookings for accommodation at Whitsunday Terraces Resort, Airlie Beach, overlooking the Coral Sea, at the Resort Manager's web site.

Caretaking Agreement

Caretaking Agreement, Schedule 2, General Duties, (a) says: Undertake gardening, cleaning, pool/spa maintenance, building maintenance or any other work whatsoever upon the common property that does not require the services of a skilled tradesperson.

Cleaning a gutter is not a skilled trade. Actually reaching some gutters may be.

Caretaking Agreement, Schedule 2, General Duties, (b) says: Use its best endeavours to see that the common property is kept in good order and repair and advise the Body Corporate of any areas requiring attention to ensure the interests of the Body Corporate and the owners of the lots in the scheme.

Body Corporate have provided a scaffold for access to easily reached gutters.

Missing image smart scaff work platformWork platform to avoid ladder

Weird Drainage Issue

Drainage around the Strand Suite is weird, and probably inadequate. Three downpipes are plugged into one downpipe. The fact that someone opened up one of the downpipes indicates there have been previous issues. Plus the air conditioner drainage from the Strand Suite dribbles on the roof, and will probably rust it through. Probably eventually need advice from a plumber on how to handle it.

Missing image gutter drainage problemWeird drainage design