Fire Safety at Whitsunday Terraces

Fire safety is important, and is the responsibility of all. Whitsunday Terraces Body Corporate must ensure designs meet standards. Whitsunday Terraces Resort Management must ensure specifications are followed, and that casual changes do not impact safety. Lot owners or their rental agents must ensure smoke detectors are fitted and tested, and that renovations do not impact fire safety.

Booking Accommodation at Whitsunday Terraces

This web site is intended for Body Corporate owners of apartments in Whitsunday Terraces, not for potential guests. Make room bookings for accommodation at Whitsunday Terraces Resort, Airlie Beach, overlooking the Coral Sea, at the Resort Manager's web site.

Fire Rated Surfaces

Many floor and ceiling surfaces in the Whitsunday Terraces are fire rated. They must not be penetrated when doing refurbishments or installing air conditioners. Any penetration of a fire rated surface will have to be corrected at the cost of the Lot owner. Please be aware that even seemingly minor items such as downlights can run into this problem.

Copper is to be used for plumbing that pierces floors, or fire collars fitted.

Fire Alarms

An external fire alarm system is fitted, and the alarm loudspeakers are tested every month. Alarms are monitored from Reception. Fire alarm buttons are generally visible from the Whitsunday Terraces security cameras.

Smoke Alarms

Lot owners at Whitsunday Terraces. or their rental agents, must ensure smoke detectors are fitted to each rental Lot and tested regularly.

Stairs and Elevated Walkways

When replacing stairways and elevated walkways at the Whitsunday Terraces there were issues with fire safety regulations. This required a redesign of the railing mountings to side mounts to ensure the width on stairways and outside walkways met minimum width requirements for evacuations.

To help contain construction costs, every railing is by default top mounted on the concrete pad. This generally means that you do not need scaffolding for the work, just local safety lines. However for all stairways and most elevated walkways, the safety requirement to allow one metre minimum for evacuations means that you have to side mount railings. This generally adds a lot of scaffolding and other costs. It is also why sometimes only part of a project at the Whitsunday Terraces is done in the first stage.

Naturally nothing can be permitted to block stairways or elevated walkways to exits. This means air conditioners in particular must be mounted correctly out of the passageways.