Plants and Vines Climb Walls at Whitsunday Terraces

Plants and Vines Climb Walls at Whitsunday Terraces resort and damage the paint work. In the past, the gardener has cut a short section of climbing plants out at the bottom, so that they die and drop off painted walls. Pulling large clinging plants with suckers off walls will itself damage the paintwork, so the slower method of cutting them off from the roots works better.

Missing image vines removed paintRemoving vine removed paint

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Clinging Vine on Building Supports

Missing image vines climb supportPlant climbs support and damages paint

One example of a clinging vine is between Driftwood and Endeavour Terraces, where it is climbing one of the building supports.

Climbing Plants Invading Balconies

Missing image climbing vinesPlants climbing balconies

Some of the more aggressive ground cover has been invading balconies, for example on the bottom of Driftwood Terrace, where Unit 30 is an example. This has been cut back by the gardener.

Missing image vines climb buildingVines climb balcony