Garden Sprinklers

Maintaining garden sprinklers and watering gardens at Whitsunday Terraces Resort is always something of a battle. During the wet season there is too much water, however it fails to reach many covered areas underneath the Whitsunday Terraces buildings. During the dry season, more watering is required. In addition, a certain amount of damage is done to sprinkler heads from time to time by carelessness.

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Damage to Sprinklers

Missing image sprinkler hose problemSprinkler hose clip is damaged

Both sprinkler piping and sprinkler heads seem to be damaged throughout the Whitsunday Terraces. The lack of a permanent gardener until 2012 delayed proper maintenance. Any sprinkler head that has been damaged will tend to awaken guests when water blasts against the walls or floor of guest accommodation in the middle of the night.

Missing image garden sprinklers damaged 1Sprinkler knocked over

Sprinkler Timers

Checking sprinkler timers is one of the standard monthly required tasks for the Caretaker under the Caretaking Agreement. Schedule 2, Specific Duties in relation to general duty a: Monthly. Check for appropriateness the various clock timers.

Sprinklers should be set to water the gardens at times when they will not disturb guests. Given some guests come back late, early morning, between about one and five, seems best suited. The timers can not all be set for the same time, as the water supply will not cope. Timers must be set to sequence water flows through the Whitsunday Terraces resort gardens. This has normally been done by the permanent gardener.