Lot Numbers at Whitsunday Terraces

Unit numbers on the doors in the Whitsunday Terraces have a reasonably sensible linear organisation. They increase from ground to the top floor within each building. Then the numbers continue at the next building. However actual Lot numbers (relating to ownership) in the Whitsunday Terraces Resort remain a little obscure to me. So I started this web page as a guide.

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This web site is intended for Body Corporate owners of apartments in Whitsunday Terraces, not for potential guests. Make room bookings for accommodation at Whitsunday Terraces Resort, Airlie Beach, overlooking the Coral Sea, at the Resort Manager's web site.

Lot Numbers in Whitsunday Terraces

The organisation of Lot numbers in the original Whitsunday Terraces (Anchor, Barnacle and Cutlass Terraces) was by reference to the ground level, starting at Anchor Terrace, and continuing on the first level up. Since Barnacle Terrace is one level higher than Anchor, the Lot numbers then continue across to Barnacle Terrace. Then the Lot numbers continue across the second level up in Anchor Terrace, then the first level up in Barnacle Terrace, and then the bottom level in Cutlass Terrace. This pattern repeats until you run out of building.

In addition, there are a very few units with a name on the door that are either not twin key, or are in some other way anomalous. These units are in Barnacle and Cultlass Terraces. Anchor Terrace is almost identical to Driftwood, Endeavour and Florin Terraces, except for having a common area Games room on the ground floor, and thus only eleven Lots, rather than twelve.

Some Lot numbers remains a mystery to me, so I have not really completed the table as yet. In short, this table may still have errors. Lot numbers have anomalies in Barnacle Terrace, from when the nightclub under the pool was turned into two separate large two level apartments around 1998. Another anomaly is Park Lane, where part of the restaurant was turned into an apartment, around 1999. The table does not yet attempt to cover Strand (belonging to the restaurant) nor Hibiscus (Resort Management) in Cutlass Terrace.

Units on the parking levels are marked in colour.

Table of Relationship of Lot and Unit numbers, Whitsunday Terraces

Lot Numbers in Boathaven Views

The last three separate six floor terraced buildings constructed at the eastern end of the Whitsunday Terraces were Driftwood Terrace (Units 29-40), Endeavour Terrace (Units 41-52), and Florin Terrace (Units 53-64). These were originally on a separate Community Titles scheme to Whitsunday Terraces, and were known as Boathaven Views. Hence the Lot numbers run from Lot 1BV to Lot 36BV, rather than continuing with the numbers from Whitsunday Terraces.

There are two Lots (each a twin key unit) on each of the six floors of each building, or 12 Lots (24 Units) per building. This makes 36 Lots in all (or 72 units that can be rented out). These Unit numbers start at Unit 29, and end at Unit 64. The inside Unit in each Lot is a single room studio with an outside balcony with a sea view, and is designated with an a appended to the Unit number. The outside Unit in each Lot is a Suite with a balcony with a sea view, with a separate bedroom (with a small balcony). The rooms that make up each Lot have a double adjoining door between the Studio and the Suite. This door is locked, but can be opened by Resort Management when a family group wish to rent both sides of a Lot.

Each six floor terraced building starts one floor higher up the hillside than the previous building. This is important for understanding the Lot entitlement numbering scheme.

Between the three buildings, there are eight separate height levels. The numbering of the Lot entitlements (1BV to 36BV) commenced at the lowest level (Level A) of Driftwood Terrace, with Lots 1BV and 2BV. However numbering of the Lots continued by the level, not by building. So at the next level up in Driftwood Terrace, you have Lots 3BV and 4BV. However Lots 5BV and 6BV are at the lowest level of Endeavour Terrace. In a similar fashion, Lots 7BV and 8BV are on the third level up in Driftwood, Lots 9BV and 10BV at the second level up in Endeavour, and Lots 11BV and 12BV are at the lowest level in Florin Terrace, and so on.

Units on the parking levels are marked in colour.

Table of Relationship of Lot and Unit numbers, Boathaven Views

Boathaven Views

Boathaven Views, I hear you ask. Why such a name?

The real estate agents in Airlie Beach always called the closest bay to the east, below the Whitsunday Terraces, Boathaven Bay. It sounds nice, and tropical, and nautical. There were even boats pulled up on the shore. Some of them derelicts. However the photographs the real estate agents showed buyers were always taken at high tide. Boathaven Bay was never a particularly good place to anchor a boat, unless you managed to pull it way back into the mangroves further around the bay. Way past the sports field, to where the boat repair folks were.

The Airlie Beach locals all seemed to call the place Muddy Bay. Any photograph taken at low tide would show you why. It was handy for finding mud crabs.