Whitsunday Terraces Resort Management

Whitsunday Terraces Resort is under new management in late 2011. It had new on-site managers from late 2011, in 2012, and from August 2013.

The Resort Managers have the exclusive on-site letting contract, and the associated caretaking contract for looking after and maintaining the property. Individual owners contract with the Resort Management for the letting of their Lots.

Booking Accommodation at Whitsunday Terraces

This web site is intended for Body Corporate owners of apartments in Whitsunday Terraces, not for potential guests. Make room bookings for accommodation at Whitsunday Terraces Resort, Airlie Beach, overlooking the Coral Sea, at the Resort Manager's web site.

Island Resorts

Island Resorts Pty Ltd director Greg Kafritsas took over the resort management of the Whitsunday Terraces Resort on 19 August 2011, following a number of delays in the handover. The handover was a confusing period, with old on-site managers gone, and long anticipated new on-site managers having to leave abruptly.

The first on-site managers were Jodie and Mark, who are both familiar with the Airlie Beach area. The new on-site managers have been working very hard to improve the standard of the Whitsunday Terraces Resort. As we approached Xmas 2011, their hard work was visible. Our former gardener Phil was back helping with the grounds and the watering system. Unfortunately, there were issues and progress stalled.

In 2012, Rose returned as on-site manager. Rose had been manager for AquaVista between 2005 and 2008, and assisted by Chad, many improvements were made during that period.

Rose found Wal, as groundsman. By mid 2013, the neglect of the gardens in the 2008 to 2011 period had to a large extent been remedied. You absolutely need a single, steady and sensible person in charge of the gardens. Contractors just do not work (in my view).

Rose unfortunately left in early July 2013, when the family moved to Townsville. Details of new on-site management Kate and Tony.

Previous Resort Management

I do not know the full history of previous resort management. Working backwards in time, QResorts, Aqua Vista, Whitsunday Terraces Resort Partnership, Vatiche, Strand Resorts. More details below.

Q Resorts

QResorts operated Whitsunday Terraces until near the end of August 2011. Q Resorts Pty Ltd took over resort management around May 2008. QResorts installed on-site managers who were not owners of the management rights.

There were many changes of on-site managers. Initial on-site manager was to be Dean Henry, but that fell through. I believe the first on-site managers were Tanya and Gary Plain. I gather on-site managers Brett and Kylie-Anne Myers departed suddenly for outside reasons. Temporary on-site managers Erin Mackan and Shayne Hohn. Tim Orton and Wendy Cousins were on-site managers for a while from mid 2010. Jan and Allan from around January 2011 (introduced to the place by going through two cyclones) until August 2011. Lisa Hogers of Q Resorts was often temporary between on-site managers. QResorts changed their name to Sansabay at some time.

I was not present during much of the QResorts period, having partially moved to Townsville. However I was not impressed.

Aqua Vista Management

Aqua Vista Management Pty Ltd (Adrian and Cheryl Leary) took over the resort management contract from May 2005. Even Thompson and Jennifer Beattie introduce Adrian and Cheryl Leary of Aqua Vista, proposed purchaser of Management Rights. Assignment of Agreements dated 2 May 2001 between Body Corporate and Vatiche Pty Ltd. Initial on-site managers John Paul Milk and Beverley Milk for a very short time to mid 2005.

Rose and Chad Banfield were on-site at Whitsunday Terraces thereafter until mid 2008. A lot of improvements were done during their stay, with Chad being very proactive in improving the grounds. We had a very energetic gardener during much of this period. This period saw the resort value increase very well.

Body Corporate terminates Caretaking and Letting Agreement dated 2 May 2001 between Body Corporate and Vatiche from 28 March 2008. New agreement between Body Corporate and Aqua Vista for 25 years, done at the request of Aqua Vista to assist sale of Management Rights to QResorts.

Whitsunday Terraces Resort Partnership

Evan Thompson and Jennifer Beattie (Whitsunday Terraces Resort Partnership), proposed new managers, attending December 2003 committee meeting. This was again owners acting as on-site managers. Vatiche assigned Management Rights to them on 17 December 2003. Their stay was only a little more than a year.


Vatice Pty Ltd, with on-site owners Tim and Heather Rees, along with on-site owners Chris and Val Bland, from around 1998 to very late 2003. The resort grounds and gardens were tended very well during this period, with a tropical profusion approach to plants. A number of improvements were made to facilities. The top pool was replaced. A number of stone walls were incorporated into gardens.

Strand Resorts

Strand Resorts, John Gardner until around 1998? John Gardener retained an interest in the resort, and was later Chairman for the Body Corporate committee for a time. It was during this time that the former night club under the pool was turned into the Mayfair and Picadilly units. The restaurant size was halved, and the Park Lane unit established in former restaurant seating areas at Reception level.