Wooden railway sleepers breed white ants and termites

Wooden ex-railway sleepers crib walls used to support banked garden beds are a potential breeding ground for white ants and termites. Over the years, many crib walls in the Whitsunday Terraces have started to slump. Body Corporate committee policy has been to remove them and replace them with concrete retaining walls when the sleepers age.

Missing image sleepers removed 1Removing railway sleepers

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Endeavour Terrace Retaining Wall replaces Sleepers

Missing image sleepers removed in 2006Sleepers at Endeavour and Driftwood Car Park in 2006

In the high and very steep upper sections of Golden Orchid Drive, at the Endeavour and Driftwood car park, there were large numbers of sleepers holding up small garden spaces adjacent to the narrow footpath. These were replaced with a concrete block retaining wall in early April 2008. This wall extended an existing concrete retaining wall at the lower part of the Florin car park.

In addition, some areas of the car park had to be removed, foundations poured, and concreted again to provide a decent foundation for the retaining wall.

Missing image sleepers removed 4New Endeavour wall meets old Florin wall

Driftwood and Endeavour Garden Wall Replaced

Missing image sleepers removed 2

In addition to the very tall wall, some low sleeper walls were replaced in car parks. This extends the high wall into more accessible garden areas.

Missing image sleepers removed 7New concrete retaining wall construction

Walls Under Building

Missing image sleepers removed 3Danger to Walkway

Some existing retaining walls under buildings were leaning, and threatening walking paths. These walls usually simply hid a sleeper crib wall retaining building rubble from view. Some of these were under buildings, and helped support lightweight workshop buildings.

Missing image sleepers removed 5Foundations under construction

Missing image sleepers removed 8New retaining wall

More Sleepers to Remove

Most of the sleepers used as steps on paths have already been replaced. There are a lot of railway sleepers still under buildings and especially used in garden retaining walls, and alongside paths as edges. Those that can not be easily reached using machinery will be a real problem. For example, the barbecue area between Cutlass and Driftwood Terraces has an old wooden retaining wall on the high side, and that is rather large.

Some smaller sleeper walls in high termite risk areas have been removed by hand by the gardener (with assistance) and replaced with concrete block walls. For example, under Anchor Terrace. However isolated sleepers still exist there and need to be removed.

Missing image anchor balustrade problem 2Concrete block wall under Anchor Terrace